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Posted by on August 18, 2018

The most important part of any story is the beginning. This is because it is the first part that your potential reader will encounter. Also, it is what most publisher will read to determine if it is the most suitable project for them. The challenge comes in starting a story perfectly. You should begin your story in a way that will impress your readers. The following are some of the tips to help you with this.

The first strategy is crafting your first line. While writing your draft, you may not need to worry about this but as you edit, you ought to pay much attention to it. The first impression matters a lot. Hence, you should make your first sentence sing. If your first line is a memorable one, probably the rest of the story will too. Visit website link to learn more.

Next, you can avoid writing a prologue. There has been an endless debate on prologues. Different authors, agents, and even readers have different opinions on this. To be safe do not include a prologue at the beginning of your story. You will lose nothing by not writing it. This information can make another chapter or can be used as a flashback somewhere in the chapters.

The best way to story is making beginning the first chapter in the middle of things. With this, your book will mainly focus on what is vital. Your protagonist should appear directly into the inciting situation. Action and intrigue will make your beginning quite interesting.

When beginning to write a story, you might be tempted to explain every detail to your readers. Try to resists this urge. This is a sure way of driving your fans away. A large number of readers would not want to be taught any lessons when they are just preparing to read a story. It is fine to tease a bit but make sure that you spread your information throughout the chapters instead of clogging them all in one page.

Another effective tip is to end the starting chapter in a cliffhanger. It would be better if you did this with all your chapters but the most crucial one is the first chapter. It is in this chapter that most readers will decide if they are reading your book or giving up on it. By ending it in a nail-biting moment, they will have no choice but to read the entire story to find out more. Click here for more info:


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