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Posted by on February 13, 2019

Egyptian cuisine typically uses generous amount of vegetables, legumes and fruits from Delta and Nile Valley. It actually shares some similarities with foods of Easter Mediterranean region like grape leaves, rice stuffed vegetables, shawarma, kofta and kebab. Some examples of Egyptian dishes include but is not limited to mashed fava beans, ful medames, lentils and pasta, kushari, bush okra stew and molokhiya.

As a matter of fact, the pita bread is locally known as eish baladi, which is also a staple of Egyptian cuisine while the cheesemaking in Egypt dated back to First Dynasty of Egypt with domiati as the sought after kind of cheese that’s consumed nowadays.

Some of the typical meats that are used in Egyptian cuisine are pigeon, rabbit, duck and chicken. The beef and lamb are used frequently for grilling while offal is a very popular option among fast food chains in cities and foie gras is a kind of delicacy that’s been prepared since 2,500 BCE. Seafood and fish are pretty common in the coastal regions of Egypt. A big part of the Egyptian cuisine is actually vegetarian and due to the historically high cost of meat as well as the need of Coptic Christian community whose religious restrictions need vegan diets for most part of the year.

A national drink from Egypt is Tea while beer is most popular beverage. While Islam has the majority’s faith in Egypt and observant Muslims are avoiding alcohol, alcoholic drinks are still easily accessible in the country. Some of the popular desserts in the country include kunafa, basbousa and baqlawa. The common ingredients used in these desserts are almonds, honey and dates. Egyptian food recipes and foods are conducive to vegan diet as it heavily relies on vegetable dishes and legumes. Despite the fact that food in Alexandria as well as coast of Egypt has a tendency to use fish and other seafood, for a big part of Egyptian cuisine, it is based on foods growing on the ground.

The Red Sea port of Egypt is actually were the primary points of entry for spices coming to Europe. The easy access to different spices has been in operational for years and left a big mark on making Egypt food. Cumin is one of the frequently used spice and other typical spices are cardamom, coriander, bay leaves, aniseed, ginger, dill, parsley, mint, cloves and cinnamon. Common meats like what mentioned are pigeon, rabbit, duck and chicken which are boiled to be able to make broth for different soups and stews.

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