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Posted by on July 27, 2018


It is very crucial to wash your hands frequently when cooking. Washing of hands is one of the easiest ways to keep your food safe. It ensures that your food is free from contamination. Contaminated food is very dangerous as it could easily lead to contamination. The hands should be washed with clean warm water and soap.

Ensure that all the fresh food such as fruits and vegetables are washed thoroughly. Even the food that is packaged should be washed to minimize potential bacterial contamination. You can just wash it under cool running water.


Ensure that you defrost your food completely before cooking as it is very important when it comes to food safety issues. All foods should be cooked to the proper temperature. Most of the people assume that they are cooking food at the right temperature which is not the case. It could be ideal to use a thermometer when cooking specifically when it comes to the cooking of meat as it is very prone to bacteria. It is critical to prepare food to a certain temperature so as to make sure that any potential bacteria is completely destroyed. Overcooking of food leads to loss of essential nutrients in the food. This means when you cook food for too long, it becomes useless as it has very little or no nutrients at all. Explore more at this website about food safety.


The leftover food should be reheat properly as they are highly prone to contamination. One should, therefore, take ample time to heat the leftover food to kill all germs that may be present. Anyone who handles handle food now and then need to learn safe cooking techniques. Certain foods should be stored properly especially those that go bad quickly. It is advisable to buy fresh foods especially vegetables and fruits on a daily basis as they are rich in nutrients. Storage of fresh foods in the refrigerators lead to loss of nutrients. Those who are dealing with food should be properly groomed for instance they should always cover their heads to prevent strands of hair from getting into food; you can also learn more facts here.


Anyone who handles food needs to be certified to do so. They should first undergo thorough training on how to handle food safely before they are certified. Any food handler should undergo a thorough medical examination to prove that they are fit to handle food. A sick person should not be allowed to handle food as there are very high chances of spreading infections to other people, see page now!


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