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Posted by on March 9, 2019


Today, assessing student understanding is done using digital formative assessment tools. There are many kinds of tools that you can use for this which can help your classroom at a lot because these tools are interactive ways that by which you can monitor and assess your students.

When you use formative assessment tools, your area to determine the areas where your students excel and the areas where they are having a difficult time. This can help teachers to make changes in the ways they are instructing these particular students in order to meet their learning needs. A teacher can take a random sample of the needs of his students and from this, make some changes or adjustments in his future style of instruction so that the learning needs of many students are accommodated.

There are many benefits to using these formative assessment tools. But the question lies in choosing the right one. Here are some tips in finding the right Otus standards based grading for your own use.

The first important thing is finding the right formative assessment is to have an end goal. Your end goal will be your basis of selection of the right tech-based formative assessment tool. One of the ways is to have an assessment after every lesson. Or you can also embed questions that are open-ended throughout their lessons in high school. If you have end goals like these, then you can identify the most effective formative assessment tool by working backward. See  page to learn more about classroom management.

Another way that can help find the right tech-based formative assessment tool is to take a technology audit. There are some formative assessment tools that require each student to have an electronic device. There are also tools that can be used that does not necessarily require everyone to have a mobile device but they can be used with just one computer or with a phone. An audit of your classroom should be taken so that you will know if there are tools that are already present in your existing classroom. Then you can think of ways of using those tools so that you can conduct interactive and engaging formative assessment tools.

You should also be able to know the kind of data that you really need. There are different data produced by using different assessment tools. You can have either qualitative or quantitative data in your class. You can also be able to identify students who are behind and need assistance. Or, you can group your student based on the results of that assessment. You can choose the most appropriate formative assessment tool to find the best tool for your own classroom. Click here to learn more:


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