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Posted by on March 19, 2019

Many drivers understandably feel nervous when forced to spend time beside large trucks on the roads. Commercial and industrial trucks of many kinds tower over even the largest of passenger vehicles and can weigh as much as twenty times more than them, as well.

When the driver of such a massive vehicle causes an accident, serious injuries will often be inflicted on the occupants of any others that are involved. Lawyers like those at Frekhtman & Associates regularly help such victims secure the compensation they are owed so that they recover without needing to worry as much about how to pay for it.

Many Types of Large Trucks Regularly Cause Serious Accidents in and Around New York

It normally takes a special type of license to drive a large commercial truck, which is a reflection of the fact that such vehicles can cause correspondingly large amounts of damage if they are not operated responsibly. Some of the kinds of trucks that most often cause accidents which inflict significant injuries on others in New York include:

Eighteen wheelers. There are somewhere around two million 18-wheeled tractor trailers operating in the United States at any given time. While these large vehicles tend to spend much of their time on interstate highways, they also frequently show up in cities like New York. The loosely coupled nature of the average tractor trailer means that dangerous issues like jackknifing can never be ruled out. When an 18 wheeler loses control, it can obliterate a passenger vehicle in an instant.

Garbage trucks. There are hundreds of garbage trucks on the streets of New York City at many times. These large, ponderous vehicles cannot stop quickly, especially once loaded down to any significant degree. Should a poorly piloted garbage truck collide with a passenger vehicle of almost any kind, the latter will often suffer devastating damage.

Lawyers are Ready to Tip the Scales of Justice in Favor of Their Clients

Attorneys at Frekhtman & Associates and other firms in New York City regularly handle personal injury cases involving large trucks like these and others. Making sure to arrange for effective legal representation after suffering an injury because of such a collision will always be helpful and wise.

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