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Posted by on July 19, 2018

The safest and most reliable bet to store fuel is through the use of bunded tanks, but what are bunded tanks?

This composes of two tanks, a large one, and a small one. Inside the large tank is the smaller tank which contains all the fuel, this is designed in order to create a protective layer to avoid fuel spillage and this is called the ‘bund layer’. The outer tank is built with a much more larger capacity that whenever there is damage on the inner tank making it leak, automatically the outer tank contains the fuel.

Still not convinced? Read below all about the reasons as to why having a self-bunded tank at is beneficial.

Having a bunded tank is a necessity, owning on that is accredited to fit business standard is a way to ensure fuel safety all the while being eco-friendly. A properly maintained tank and well-kept refueling system which includes pipes, pumps, and hoses -is also the best course of action against fuel leaks that can cause soil or water contamination, these violations come in six-figure fines. Watch this video about fuel tank.

One factor that sets bunded tanks at from the rest is that no matter the size these tanks are easy to maintain and because of this fuel is kept in great shape making it stay fresh longer. Speaking of size, bunded tanks can be easily transported from one place to another without that much hassle, in addition to this, bunded tanks also have the possibility of being installed in areas that are hardly accessible.

Security is also a priority since fuel is a commodity that is targeted by most thieves, bunded tanks are equipped with high-quality built-in security this prevents any unauthorized personnel from gaining access to the tank plus it includes a heavy-duty padlock to seal the tank whenever they are not in use.

Converting to a bunded fuel tank is another way of protecting Mother Earth from the disastrous effects of fuel spill. Due to that fact that bunded tanks are engineered to prevent such events from happening, this creates an avenue of not just saving cost but also saving the environment from the hazards of diesel fuel spillage.

Having a bunded tank is also a form of investment that would reap great benefits in the long run. It might be expensive when bought but surely it saves fuel plus it saves costs.

Surely, these reasons are enough to persuade customers into changing their tanks for a better business and better world.


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