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Posted by on December 31, 2018

Deer can be beautiful in the wild, but they are often troublesome when they end up living close to human beings. In fact, deer now rank among the most destructive pests of all in many communities all across the nation. Products offered at sites like make it easy to be sure that deer will not intrude upon places where they are not welcome.

Fencing and Other Products That Keep Deer at Bay

Deer are agile, alert herbivores that often prove very determined and resourceful when they end up inhabiting places developed and occupied by people. Although most deer will generally shy away from contact with humans, they will rarely be bashful about consuming plants, shrubs, and other vegetation that appeals to them on a basic level.

As a result, many homeowners and businesses find themselves facing the wholesale destruction of landscaping that cost a great deal of money to install and maintain. Putting up the right type of deer fencing often proves to be all that is required to bring an end to such problems.

Fortunately, there are now quite a few such products that can be bought and installed with little trouble. When choosing a type of fencing to help control and manage deer, some of the most important issues tend to be:

Height. A mature deer can typically leap six or more feet straight into the air when startled. While deer will generally reserve such acrobatics for life or death situations, they can still jump over surprisingly high obstacles in search of food. Naturally enough, a taller piece of fencing will do a better job of keeping deer away from precious shrubs and other valuable assets. On the other hand, it will often be preferable to install a fence short enough that sight lines will not be obstructed unnecessarily. Most fence buyers will do well to weigh these trade-offs against one another before committing to a purchase.

Material. Inexpensive, strong fencing can be made from any of a number of different possible materials. Some of these are more durable than others, with polyethylene being probably the most common choice.
A Proven Solution to Many Common Deer Problems

Simply installing an appropriate type of fencing will, in many cases, put an end to the trouble that deer so often cause. As soon as it becomes apparent that deer in the area have identified a piece of property as an appealing source of food, installing a fence will help keep the ensuing damage to a minimum.

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