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Posted by on May 9, 2020

Practically proven and experimentally verified, biking is one of the best outdoor exercises to help riders attain both psychological and physical wellness. For the benefit of it, setting out on a biking adventure may sometimes become a necessity, especially in summer, when the rains are over, the skies are blue, and everyone wants to have a shade of the sun.

To avoid any potential hindrance in getting your bike down biking field, there are basically two things to check out and fix before taking out your bike. They are; The Lock and The General Maintenance.


There are lots of activities going on around you in summer, people coming and going, and your eyes will not always be on the bike. Plus, increasing theft and other securities issues, making lock perhaps the most necessary accessory you can equip your bike with.

While deciding on what type of lock to choose, it’s imperative you consult a locksmith who specializes in motorcycles. This is mainly because programming a motorcycle key is complicated and requires the expertise of an experienced locksmith, if it is to be done well and good.

On the other hand, it is best to opt for steel locks because they offer the best of protection. There are however different type of steel locks and type of steel lock to choose depends on the type compatible with your bike. Upon getting a suitable lock, the forks should be locked with big, tagged locking devices.


There are various ways of maintaining a bike but few of the most essential ways are listed below.

  • Check for rust

Though not necessary if you’ve been riding your bike all through the year; if it has been a while you used it, then you need to check for any visible sign of rust, especially on the brake cables and chain. The rusted brake cables should be changed and tightened, while rusted chains should be lubricated.

  • Check nuts and bolts

Ensure that all nuts and bolts on your bike are well screwed and tightened. Should some areas appear rusty, add some grease to the affected parts.

  • Lights and gears

Take a test ride around the neighborhood, adjusting gears to check for signs of worn out teeth on your cog or a problem with the internal gears. Spoilt or worn out light batteries should also be replaced and if want to enjoy the lights better, replace them with rechargeable lights.

  • Tires

The importance of checking this out cannot be over emphasized, pump your tires, inflate them to the recommended tire pressure, for road bikes, the pressure should be higher, for mountain bikes the pressure should be lower, and check the treads too. Ensure all tires are in perfect working condition, take a test ride, adjust the tires again, and then take another test ride. Make sure the pressure is stable.

Missing valve caps should be replaced too and it’s a nice idea to have extras, since they could get lost easily.



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