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Posted by on May 20, 2020

With its inception dating back to 1943, WMS has risen through the ranks from its traditional operational model to championing the online gaming revolution alongside other companies. It is currently one of the largest online gaming companies in the world. The company has undergone several transitions with incumbent innovations of the world with a rich history that serves them the trust they need to build with customers.

The company introduced land-based casinos at first, but in 1991 they were able to pull off the introduction of a first virtual lottery machine to casinos in the United States of America. This release of an interactive gaming system surely resonated with a lot of casino lovers, and 5 years later, they launched a custom slot game themed “Reel ’em In.” This game ended up being a success, with several innovations and further development since them to ensure the game’s relevance and competitiveness.

WMS software

As a software company, so much work is put into creating games that are interactive and very easy to use for players. To this effect, the company makes its games available through what is known as the “Instant Play” format. This means that there is no need for players to download any software. Neither do they need to install any plugin!

Made available over HTML5, games can be played directly on mobile devices and tablets. There are, however, some games in their collection that cannot be played on mobile devices. Hence, there is the need to check for the compatibility of the game you are looking to get.


Over the years, the company has created numerous games, but some have enjoyed broad acceptance.

  • Montezuma

This game is made available online and offline, and it comes with a free-spin feature that has enabled its popularity among gamers. The free-spin feature comes with endless re-triggers and multipliers (which can shoot up wins by 10X).

  • Ruby Red Slippers

The engine used in running this game is technically old, but it remains one of the most played games by WMS. 3 significant features have made sure it remains gamers’ favorite; spin, real quality audio and visual clips from the movie ‘Wizard of Oz”. The fact that it is very relatable is one of the main reasons many gamers are stuck with it for so long.

  • Raging Rhino

This is also another widely popular game by the developer, coming with several bonuses and free spins. It has a huge win potential, and this makes the risk worth it.

  • Amazon Queen

This game also still makes use of the older game engines built by WMS, but it remains a popular hit game by the company. It also features free-spins as well as a huge win potential.

  • Bruce Lee

This is a game themed and named after one of the most popular martial arts people that ever lived. Though the game is not as famous as the person it was named after, it is one of the many picks by enthusiasts of online gaming.

Final take

There are several other games by WMS Gaming, others which you will find when you visit this website. WMS has a long history and vast user base, but it is only a matter of time before the need to change the old engine on which some of its games still run.

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