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Posted by on June 24, 2020

Sales engagement is the process of monitoring all interactions of your business with prospects across all platforms, ranging from social media to website, and email. The basic idea of sales engagement is to make these communications smooth and seamless. This ease brings about efficiency in the sales revenue generation and helps your sales team focus on the thing that matters. According to data based on survey reports, over 70% of companies that operate with a sales engagement platform experienced an increase in revenue when they switched.

Sales engagement brings about improved scheduling, auto-responding, focusing on higher-potential leads, etc. The development of a sales engagement platform is a growing business for some tech companies, with different platforms offering different unique selling points that meet the needs of companies differently. Once you have figured out the platform that suits your business, the next step to follow is the setting up of the sales engagement system.

Different platforms will inevitably have different interfaces and user experiences for set up. In this blog post, we would be exploring the general rule of thumb to set up your sales engagement platform.

How to Setup your SEP.

  • Choose the right platform.

This is primary to everything you need to do. It would help if you started evaluating your team’s goals and the business objectives as a whole. The identification of the team’s goals will help you in the determination of which platform will suit your needs the best. You need to consider some factors when finalizing on a platform, especially if there are two or more that meet your needs. You need to duly consider the ease of use, how often they update the platform, video conferencing capabilities, etc.

  • Management of the platform

Though SEPs are designed to function automatically, there is still the need for someone to oversee the platform. The implementation of the various automation needs to be approved by someone you can entrust. Hence, while choosing and setting up the platform, you need to have someone assigned. Someone who understands the platform and would be able to keep the data clean, while managing the various integrations of the platform, and also train the multiple teams that would be using it.

  • Reports

Sales engagement platforms are all about the reports and insight they can provide to a particular product or company. Hence, you need to have an established reporting system. This is geared towards ensuring that insights are kept up with, and informed decisions and changes are made per time. If a campaign is not working as expected, you will be able to figure it out on time and make the necessary changes. The insight provided by the platform can also be analyzed and leverage on, in changes, immediately.

  • Connecting your SEP

There may some technical know-how needed up in setting up the platform effectively though no coding is required, as the platforms are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. However, a platform administrator would be vast in how to maximize the platform in achieving your sales objective.

Setting up a sales engagement platform is very easy when you have the technical know-how. There is no doubt that the investment in the platform and an efficient manager is undoubtedly worth it.



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