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Posted by on June 29, 2020

I have an app idea, and I am willing to test the features with end-users and get feedback. I want to build an app, but I am not a programmer. How can I find the app development companies? –Gared

Mobile apps have been a significant turnaround in this online world. The attractive app you design, the more customers you attract. There is a cluster of app development companies out there that can build a perfect app. You can’t go for a single company and ask them to build an app straight away. You need to consider various criteria like the company’s history, build expertise, the cost for the app development, and other support systems when looking for app development companies.

Key points when choosing app development companies

Review their website

Reviewing the development company’s website is the essential homework you need to do before choosing them for a project. Competitiveness of a site shows what they do, how they build the apps, and how the apps are performing. The first thing that should trigger your mind is to check the responsiveness of their website. Flowingly, you need to check the UI and UX’s creativity along with the logo, colors, and overall design.

Understanding app Development Company’s portfolio

Companies hire developers to build an app for their clients. When choosing an app development company, ask the developers of a company to be engaged in a portfolio. Portfolios give a clear proposal about the intricacy your prospect development can handle. Make sure you check the domains the company has previously worked on. Similarly, download the applications of the domain that matches your idea and if it performs smoothly.

Size of the company

Do basic research on the number of employees and clients the company is working with. If the company is narrow, there is a chance that there are few developers, and the final product you expect is not delivered. They will be having so much workload at present, which automatically hampers the future quality of the products.

Research on the reputation of the company

If you decide to make an app with a company having an excellent reputation, there is a high chance your app gets featured on their page. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. The idea saves your marketing expenses. To check the reputation, go through their social media pages like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Companies you are choosing should have a position and value on the market, thus ask for their testimonials and go through them.

Client preferences

A company always has a client reference if they have previously worked with clients of your domain. Ask for client’s references if they can share their social media profile and sites so that you can connect with them. Then, you can ask the clients about the significant pros and cons of the company.

Mistakes People Make when Working With App Development Company

Choosing an app developer that does not understand you and your business goals

This is a widespread mistake that people make because it might be their first time engaging an app developer. This creates an issue of not understanding the good ones from the bad ones.

Price over quality

Businesses always want to keep their budget low to have a higher profit or return. Similarly, they tend to go vendors with cheaper rates. The development companies might know little that they are embarking on a journey that might cost them more money than saving. On the other hand, the quality app that drives real business value and grows a company could be worth millions of dollars.

Working with developers that over promises

Initially, we need to understand that building an app is a complex process. It involves multiple stages, including requirement gathering, design, development, and testing. These stages require designers, developers, testers, and clients on the same page to deliver a quality product. The typical ploy that we see a lot is developers over-promising to clients that do not understand software or app development to win the work upfront. The most common two ways that lead to the ploy are, they are too cheap, and another is they say “Yes” to all features you are requesting. If an app development company promises to deliver a project in some time frame, that is good to be true in some way. Maybe the developers say “Yes” to all the features you are requesting, but if you do not have a strict review and testing process in place, the end product might not be anything that you expected.

Prolonged turnaround time

Communication among the parties is fast at the beginning of the engagement, but everything starts to slow down. New features are not available on time, and bug takes them forever to fix.

Less focus on building a world-class app

Let’s consider for a while that, what do apps that we use every day like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and Instagram have in common? All of these apps provide excellent user experience UX with modern user interface UI. User experience plays a significant role in your product. If you are ignoring UI and UX, you’re setting yourself up for failures. The average app out there loses 78% of its users after the first three days because most of them don’t provide their users with a good experience using their app. The takeaway from this- make sure you put the right amount of time, effort, and money into UI and UX design because that will make or break your product.

People don’t focus on building a lean product

The lean product essentially means you build a product with only vital features that solve a problem for your users. Here’s why you should create a lean product.

  • It costs less so less investment from your side while creating a more significant impact.
  • You don’t build bloated software that your users might not even need or like.

Considering all the points and mistakes from the above section, now you should be ready to pick the best company to build a mobile app for your business.


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