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Posted by on August 6, 2020

The ultimate reason for creating a WooCommerce store is to make sales. So, if you are not making sales as expected, or you are just starting, here are WooCommerce tips to increase sales.

1. Choose the Perfect Theme

The aesthetics and layout of your web store are the first things that visitors getting to your WooCommerce store will see. You create a compelling first impression, that is why you must choose the WooCommerce theme that is perfect for your products.

Except visitors are captivated by what they see, they will exit your store without purchasing any product. Luckily, several WooCommerce themes are impressive. There are free, paid, and custom WooCommerce themes. Choose the right theme best suited for your products, and enhance your chosen WooCommerce theme with appropriate plugins like WooCommerce Product Table among several others.

2. Enhance User Experience

You must provide your visitors with satisfactory user-experience made possible by a pleasant user-friendly interface that your WooCommerce store already has. You have to make your online store as user-friendly as possible to convert leads to customers and return to your store.

To create a topnotch user experience, your site must be navigable and searchable. Because of this, you need to install WooCommerce plugins that can help you achieve this. WooCommerce Product Table plugin, for instance, will make it possible for visitors to search, sort, filter, and add products to cart without leaving the same page. This flexibility will enable you to increase sales.

3. Call to Action (CTA)

When writing your product description, never forget to ask your visitors to take action – purchase your products. Adding a CTA to your product descriptions will remind your visitors that they are in an online store shopping. Your powerful CTA strategy includes “Add to Cart” and “Checkout Now” buttons. Include those button to convert your leads immediately to customers.

4. Proper Tags

Tag your products correctly and use the most common keywords that people are likely to use when searching for those products. This will allow your products to be easily found whenever visitors use the search box to look up products quickly. If visitors can find products on your page conveniently, they will check out without any hassles, and you will increase sales. You need to install the WooCommerce Product Table plugin to make this a seamless experience.

5. Social Media

You can never underestimate social media’s power when it comes to increasing your WooCommerce store’s sales. Integrate social media links such as Facebook and Instagram to your site. Share your products, promotions, sales flash, and other marketing campaign with your fans or audience on social media. Create a FOMO impression on them and drive the right traffic to your online store. Also, allow your products and site to be sharable, as this can help your store go viral.


The tips above will undoubtedly help you to increase sales in your WooCommerce store. Make your store visible and your products easy to be found. Click here to Install WooCommerce Product Table and other essential plugins to make your web store aesthetic, functional, customizable, and flexible.



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