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Posted by on October 2, 2020

It often happens when most people leave your post without reading it. And the worst part is that majority of the people who see your post but scroll the page and never click on your post. The fact is that you have a few seconds in which you have to urge the audience to click on your post. Now it is a skill that you should learn how to write an awesome blog. In this article, step-by-step guidelines are mentioned that you can use to develop a captivating post:

Know your audience

The first and foremost thing is that whatever social media plat you’re using, you must know about the mindset of your audience that what type of content they want to read or see. If your audience is comprised of businessmen or women, then you must give them blogs related to expanding their buyers and business.

Add attractive headlines

Without having attractive headlines in your blog post, then I am sorry your post is not going to read or be shared on any platform. It is human nature that we make judgments on the outer covering of a book and the same way judge a post by its headlines. For this purpose, you may use different headline analyzers tools to the valuable headlines for your post.

Blog formatting

Presentation is an art, and everyone is not an artist. You must focus on the formatting and writing style of your content. Make short paragraphs. Make short sentences. You may use bulleted points for the ease of the audience. Avoid writing the content in one length paragraph because it looks messy, and readers find it difficult to read it.

Add pictures

A picture speaks a thousand times more than words. This is a universal truth that people find it more engaged if there are awesome images in your content. That is why the images should be beautiful. If you have no skills in editing them yourself, it is recommended to use the service of photo retouching studio. Now it is your skill to add related but powerful images to your content, and this will boost the traffic of your post.

SEO optimization

If you want to be at the top of the search engine, then SEO optimization is very necessary. You must have to follow the below-given points:

  • Appropriate meta title and meta description addition to your post
  • Find powerful keywords
  • Find multiple relevant keywords
  • Add links of your other contents in your blog post

The blog’s theme must be customized

You have to break the stereotype concept in your blog post. The color of your content and pictures colors you’re adding must be similar to the content of your blog post. For example, if you’re writing about the environment, then green should be the color you should use in your blogs.

Make an organized outline

This is the one trick that works all the time. People like to see the content I which whole is given in a sentence for a better understanding of a complete blog post. So you must have to add an organized outline that will attract the audience to read the full blog post.

Overall, a lot of little points are required to be fit in your article if you want to be a good writer. A mix and match of the above-given points will increase the traffic of your blog post.

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