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Posted by on October 20, 2020

You probably have a good idea of what graphics are and what design is, but put together do they constitute a different meaning?  The answer would be yes in almost every case. A graphics designer does not just create designs with software or by hand. They design visual concepts which efficiently communicate ideas with consumers by inspiring, informing and enchanting them with the use of software, offline or online photo editor and other graphic design tools.

In essence they bridge a communication gap that exists between consumers and producers of goods and services. Graphics designers are the ones who design logos, posters, banners and many other product concepts that would help clients achieve their aims in the product market.

The design process of the average graphics designer consists of six major steps which must be followed accordingly:

  1. Reviewing the design brief and creating a work plan to ascertain client needs.
  2. Research about the product and target audience to have a good knowledge of what you will be working on.
  3. Brainstorming and coming up with ideas for the design.
  4. Bring design ideas to life to produce samples for the client to choose from. It is important to pay equal attention to all samples.
  5. Develop and tailor your design using feedback from the client.
  6. Finalize your designs and add finishing touches.

If you are looking to do what graphic designers do, below are some of the skill set that summarizes graphic design and the work of graphic designers;

Good Artistic ability   

A good graphics designer should be able to create designs that appeal to different consumers. This means that he/she should possess a good knowledge of design essentials such as composition and color. The designer should also be able to synchronize these essentials flawlessly.

Computer Usage

A graphics designer should know how to use computer software such as online photo editors to create layouts and carry out other parts of the design process. Designers should also make sure to keep their computer skills up to date.


Graphics design involves a lot of imagination so a good graphics designer should be able to think out of the box. He/she needs to be capable of creating designs that stand out and leave customers intrigued and help businesses compete effectively.

Time-management skills

Clients usually provide a specific time frame for a graphics designer to work on what they need. A graphics designer should be able to manage this time effectively and divide it among the processes such that every part is done well. Sometimes graphics designers might also have to work one more than one design. In such conditions effective time-management is a must.

Analytical skills

The ability to think analytically is a quality of a good graphics designer. It is very important because they often have to think of effective solutions to problems encountered during the design process and make decisions that would have great effect on how their work turns out.

These skills and processes encompass what being a graphics designer is all about and they are necessary for good quality graphic designs.

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