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Posted by on November 1, 2020

The cryptocurrency world is a vast one and a very sensitive one at that. So many factors and entities are involved in what we otherwise known as the cryptocurrency market. There are different cryptocurrency projects in the works daily, aiming to add to the over 2000 coins we already have.

There are also several exchange platforms being created, with little or no history. The whole crypto world seems to be based on speculations. Hence, the need for – a platform that was designed to be the world’s trusted source of quality and reliable review on anything related to cryptocurrency. is built on the Blockchain technology, and allows for an easy search or share of experience-based reviews from users across the world. There are so many realities to the aim of this project, but as much as possible, it has proven to be a useful product. Its soaring popularity is testimonial to that. You can read more about revain here

There are three major aspect for It is a platform built for authors to share reviews, for companies building products to get feedback, and for readers to find insights, answers and convictions about crypto entities they are looking to get involved in. These three aspects are the underlying elements of every review system, but comes with some peculiarities. for authors as a platform where others can share their experience to help others know the state of things with crypto projects and entities, is highly focused. There is so much emphasis on quality, as they are determined to remain in the favor of readers. To everyone, quality matters, either they know it or not. Everyone wants quality information, and is all about giving that to the audience.

The platform, for authors, also features a reward system for when an author publish very high quality reviews that readers found extremely useful and influencing. This point reward system is in line with the search for quality, as the human brain always reacts positively to the promise of reward.

There is also the premium functionality feature that offers more reward to experts. At this stage, the dedication level is expected to be higher, as there is the promise of higher rewards than that of an ordinary author. for readers

Thanks to the hard work and diligence level put into the author section, readers can be sure of getting just the right bit of information about a product. Beyond the products, you, as a reader, can also get detailed information about any company on the market – either they are new or not. Also, the community of readers they make available beams with so much insight. You get to meet enthusiasts and experts, all discussing similar topics.


For Companies

Companies building crypto products have always had to overcome the challenge of finding better testers and those willing to give feedbacks. However, with providing a centralized platform where they can easily reach their target audience, it becomes easier to get feedbacks on their products.

Also, by interacting with users, companies get more insight into the direction they should take their product with every feature.


Final Take

This inclusivity of all parties involved in successful cryptocurrency product is the strong point of, and being the first in the world, there is more to come from the platform.


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