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Posted by on February 9, 2021

The online gambling scene in Germany had been ambiguous for some time. Technically, online gambling was illegal. However, there are about 20 businesses that had permission to operate. Not until recently, there weren’t many gambling platforms on Germany’s internet. The process of obtaining a license was stringent and unnecessarily arduous. This, as expected, scared away many businesses.

However, since July 2020, the story changed. Online gambling – and poker, finally became legal in the European country. Lawmakers came to this decision at a meeting in Berlin. The regulatory body, as of July 2020, officially instated poker and online casinos as gambling outlets permitted.

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Prior to this, only sports betting was allowed in Germany. In the early stages of the law, only sporting betting companies were allowed to apply for the licensing. While this eligibility restriction is still there, it’s an improvement from what used to be the case in Germany. As of now, there are well over 30 companies allowed to run online casinos in Germany.

Sports-related betting is one of the major industry that has over the past few months been open to further scrutiny, policy making, law amendments, etc. There is the expectation of several changes and the enactment of new guidelines with time. However, such changes don’t happen overnight. It takes time.

As of now, the issue being discussed revolve around limitations around live betting. Specifically, the discussions hope to resolve the making of bets on final results as well as the next scorers. These discussions are a continuous endeavor that will keep changing and evolving with realities per time.

Beyond poker, other casino games are also in full swing, especially those slots popular around the world. However, the popularity has seen these games go through stricter regulations and guidelines. For instance, the regulation limits the maximum bet per spin to 1 euro. There are also some advertisement limitations to the slot games.

All these regulations point towards a particular goal; the safety of the consumer. There is a lot of things to be understood about online casino. Several governments across the world, including that of Germany are simply trying to ensure that citizens participate in the games as safely as possible.

Beyond the gameplay, beyond the ethics and codes of conduct, other major factors in the reluctance of the country to grant license to online gaming are; reliability of the software used, processing of payment, etc. The government has over the past years tried to set standards, raising the bar whenever they deem fit, just as so as to improve the quality of service enjoyed by all players.

There is however, one concern experts in the industry have concerning the constantly changing regulations and restrictions. Due to the unpredictability of operations in the industry, people may search for international options. This will inadvertently expose citizens to the very vices the government is trying to protect its people from – illegal websites, which in this case have higher spending limits. Hence, government should be more lenient with regulations and policies as they come.


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