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Posted by on March 29, 2021

Vaping is an innovative approach to smoking. And it has risen to become very popular in several countries. This is mainly because it is marketed as being safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. According to expert though, this is not entirely true. Vaping in itself poses adverse effect on the user. However, the effects are of less severity when compared with traditional cigarette.

Marketing has been an important tool for the vaping industry. The use of the devices is now popular amongst teens and those that want to quit traditional smoking. We know vaping is popular, but how popular is it?

According to the World Health Organization, the rate at which vaping becomes popular is amazing, if not alarming. The number of users is rapidly increasing per year. As of 2011, there were only about 7 million adult vapers. As of 2018, the number has risen to 41 million, and 55 million in 2021.

This increase in the number of users spells one thing for cashflow in the industry – massive profits. The market is expanding rapidly, and so is the monetary value of the industry. The global vaping market has an estimated market worth of about $19.3 billion. This figure was at $6.9 in 2016.

The bigger vaping markets include the United States, United Kingdoms and France. This countries, as of now, account for about $10billion out of the total global $19.3 billion. Other countries in the top 10 vaping markets are Germany, China, Canada, Poland, Italy, Russia and South Africa.

While the popularity of vapes is impressive, it’s sending cold shivers down the spine of the Food and Drug Administration. The concerns about its health implications, in the long-term, persists. This is one of the reasons why the White House announced that there will be a stop to the sale of non-tobacco flavors. This announcement came after the death of 6 persons, in connection to vaping. Beyond these persons, there are other 450 cases reported in recent times in the US alone. Vaping is less dangerous than traditional cigarettes. That still doesn’t change the fact that it’s dangerous.

There are two main types of the e-cigs. These are the open and closed systems. The process is slightly different in these devices. The open system makes it possible to refill the liquid that gets vaporized. The closed systems, on the other hand, makes use of ready-made refills. These refills get screwed directly to the battery packs.

Majority of the purchase of vape products occur in specialist shops. This makes the concept of vaping enjoy a degree of accountability. This accountability is another catalyst for the growth experienced in the industry. The ability to purchase the products online is why it’s widely popular. About 21% of users make their purchase online. Looking for the best vaping devices? Please visit


The ease of access of the vaping products is a major cause of its popularity. While the long-term effects of the product are yet determined, it’s safe to say vaping is the least dangerous form of smoking out there.


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