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Art Craft & Modelling should be creative and fun after all –

Do you like buying everything that everyone else has…?

Unique ideas that you create will make you diorama stand out from all the rest providing you believe in yourself and know that your making something however it turns out. in your heart you know whether it is as you intend or can you improve your design further.

And this is where I sat, I know from building as a kidd seeing other dioramas that just blow me away with detail that I wished I could do.. I understand now that we have to make something wrong to improve it further or too change the design to make it better.

Well this is where my channel promotes self building based on a model railways but all the techniques that I use and can be adopted to suit any hobby.

For more inspirational ideas head over to cheekytek on YouTube where you can dive straight in and see what I do. 

Prepare to be inspired.



                          Hornby Magazine April 2018 - featured Old Oak Bridge Old Oak Bridge makes a featured article in the April 2018 edition of the Hornby magazine. It’s very exciting times for the layout and a personal journey for myself having being selected to show a small diorama of my creation of which is every modellers dream. A Class08 ticks over at the depot on Garry Payne’s ‘OO’ gauge layout Old Oak Bridge. The model takes inspiration from Old Oak Common and Acton depots through the BR era to 2001.   


 Hornby Article        TGMRC CH5 TV        Mr cheekytek



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