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Welcome to the site and hopefully you will find some guidance for those seeking support or to just keep up with the latest news from myself at cheekytek.
This site now links all my social media together for you to keep up to date with all the latest YouTube news & updates, plus my weekly blog live feeds on Twitter or Instagram so gossip and information and some entertainment is now at your peril…

Community Support for modellers

Model Rail Network facebook group has kindly agreed be to linked via this site so this is now an even bigger source of knowledge within the railway modelling community… Just at the touch of a button
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                                           ***  New 2019  ***

As featured on GMRC Series 1 Waterworld – the water ride is now back with a completely new home, this is now ready as an exhibition layout to travel up and down the country.
This features all the fun of the fair in a new 4 foot by 2 foot mobile layout that runs DCC trains and real running water log flume as featured on TV.
check out the teaser video at the top of this page.


As I see – Art Craft & Modelling should be creative and fun after all –
So this is where I take on the challenge to be slightly different to what manufactures or other modellers make…
cheekytek – is something cheeky with a little bit of ‘tech’ all in one.
By just taking unique ideas or looking at our everyday surroundings we take on the challenge to build something – whether it be copied from someone or an original idea that we elaborate on to fit in to our mini world of modelling.
For myself to create something was once out of my comfort zone as I really had no confidence or the ability to build anything with added details.
After studying many modellers, I finally saw what inspired them to build their projects with such details – and from what I’ve learned, it was the challenge to make something better and to incorporate added realism to tell a story of a captured memory.
This inspiration has given me the ability to just have a go – after all – if I didn’t try and fail, how would I ever learn….
And this is where I sat – I was hungry for craft and model making.
I feel in my world that I love to share my creativity with others so this is where my videos promote where I can to self building based on a model railways and craft as a whole but all the techniques that I use and can be adopted to suit any hobby.
For more inspirational ideas head over to cheekytek on YouTube where you can dive straight in and see what I do. 
Prepare to be inspired.



                          Hornby Magazine April 2018 - featured Old Oak Bridge Old Oak Bridge makes a featured article in the April 2018 edition of the Hornby magazine. It’s very exciting times for the layout and a personal journey for myself having being selected to show a small diorama of my creation of which is every modellers dream. A Class08 ticks over at the depot on Garry Payne’s ‘OO’ gauge layout Old Oak Bridge. The model takes inspiration from Old Oak Common and Acton depots through the BR era to 2001.

Hornby Article        TGMRC CH5 TV         Garry’s Bio

Trackside Litter Products Video 

Click this link if you have purchased our litter or 3D models for your diorama, this will provide support on how to install your items.

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