DCC can be very daunting from looking outside the realms of model railways and I don’t know all the answers but by reading and testing these things is how we learn, so with this I produced a short video to show that programming a DCC Decoder ( which is a small chip that sends signals to the train motor to make it function as if you were the driver.)

These settings are called ‘CV values’ that can be tweaked safely to get the best protoypical feel of trains running without altering the main heart of the program ( CV29 ).

This video can be found on YouTube as link-  Program loco’s CV’s using DCC controllers

Through the video I cover an option on how to configure a couple simple CV setting using my quick easy data sheets as shown bellow.

Please feel free to use these data sheets as a reference to help improve the running of your loco’s.

Please note these data values may vary from with all manufacturer depending on the decoder and age used.

These settings are generic and will be of use.

DCC Reference Guides


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