Spilling the beans time.. this is a little bit about me

Birth name:  Garry Payne

Fell to earth in June 1968 and its hurt ever since..

I have always been a person that needs to keep my mind busy so I guess having grown up in south London and having a truly amazing family to show me the sights and sounds of the world has inspired me to fall for my love of model railways and anything engineering.

Being an entrepreneur and qualified in many roles that I hold or have held has been my drive and focus for my life goals to provide the best I can for my family with vital life skills that have been my success in many things.

So having any hobby to support my free thinking mind from daily loads has been my savior to whatever is thrown my way.

Things you didn’t know

I once registered an invention with UK Pattern.

Danced on stage with Edwin Star 70’s pop legend.

Heavily involved in charity work around the world.

I am a grandad.

I am old.

Entertainer for 20 yrs – Worked with a local a radio station with themed events.

I once stitched up Chris Tarrant sing on Karaoke.

Plus many more facts – but you will need to buy me a pint to make me talk.. 

Garry’s Entertainment Portfolio

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