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Posted by on November 12, 2018

Top Secured Credit Cards Available: You should always choose credit cards from reputable banks because they are assigned important credit values. Let’s look at three secure credit cards to better understand your features, benefits and qualifications.
ICICI Bank Instant Platinum Credit Card: This card is for people looking for the minimum credit card. The benefits presented with this card are the result of the initiative of ICICI Bank, which offers the best offer to its Deposit Customers.
Features: This card does not require any additional address, ID or proof of income, as you can use the card with the minimum requirements. The interest rate for this card is 2.50% or 34.49% annually. It offers the highest protection with 3 integrated microchips. The cash withdrawal fee for this card is 2.5%. The minimum deposit amount is a minimum of Rs. 20,000 and the time saving is 180 days. Benefits: This card limit gives up to 100% free cash off of up to 50 days with cash withdrawal. It also provides fuel surcharge of 2.5% on all transactions. The biggest advantage of this card is the flexible line of credit that allows the cardholder to efficiently manage. ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card: This secured credit card is specially designed for those with firm deposits with ICICI Bank. The card is tied to your fixed deposit and 85% of the fixed deposit becomes your credit line. At least Rs. 20,000 for your 180-day period in the deposit account of your time. Hardships must be activated through the account card when you use the card. As a borrower, you also have a grace period of 60 days to set the balance of the bank. If the borrower can not pay the invoice, the remaining amount will be deducted from the fixed payment.
Features: The card does not require ID proof only and there are no additional documents. This makes the formation of this safe card easy enough. This card provides many benefits to users. For example, cardholders receive a 999 reception with a 45-day notice from the entry of Progog and the date of payment. In addition, bonus points can be converted into cash or gift vouchers. This feature gives users a lot of flexibility because they can use it according to their preferences. The card comes with a permanent microchip that guarantees secure transactions. Pros: This card is too short to pay fees. At the end of the week only one week to buy 1 movie ticket and come completely free. In addition, supermarket users get double bonus points for food purchases and dinner. In addition to the use of the free airport lounge, guests receive a 15% discount for the listed meal in 800 restaurants. SBI Advantage Plus Card: This is one of the most preferred secure credit cards because it is more than regular credit cards in many areas. This card requires a time deposit account in SBI and provides a credit limit of up to 85% of the deposit limit. It is an internationally secured credit card and can be used in 24 million outlets, including 3,25,000 outlets in India.

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Features: This card has an extended extended loan option where you can pay a minimum amount per month and transfer less than 2.25% per month or less than 27% in the rest of the year. you can. The cash withdrawal limit is up to 100% and offers flexible payment options. The card provides an easy way to get a check or a claim draft and it sends it to your address. Also, you can transfer your credit card with other credit cards for a small credit process. Once the user has signed an entry fee after signing up for the card, Rs. An enclosure function of 25,000 or more was given to 50,000 and fixed deposit amount was opened on the Ink facility. The user will be billed. Credit limit increases with EMI payment of 2500 or more 5000 for EMIs for 11 months for Encyclopedia facility. PRO: SBI Advantage Plus Card offers many benefits. You can use the card at 1 million Visas or MasterCard ATMs worldwide. Also, you can use the flex option to convert your transactions into EMI. Users can share the benefits of these cards with other family edition cards. In addition to these benefits, SBI gives you a 555-day deposit.


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