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Posted by on September 21, 2018

Geofencing is referred to as the technology that defines a virtual boundary around the world’s geographical area. A geofence can be a predefined array of barriers such as neighborhood boundaries or hospital boundaries. This is the essential part of In-Vehicle Management System commonly known as the telematics. It allows users to draw zones around places of residence and other dangerous areas. Marketing strategies have to include mobile channels to integrate clients and improve sales. However, on the local level, motor businesses designing a mobile campaign will lure customers to a targeted product of interest. Do consult with Propellant Media for info.

Geofence-related notifications can easily be incorporated into the Telematics systems by programming it to be automatically sent though sums to various parties. For example, procedures such as when the employee enters the workstation, a notification is sent directly to the operational manager. IVMS can also be modified to alter an audible or any noticeable warning in-cab to alert the driver especially when they are entering a risky zone.

On the other hand, multimedia messaging services allow streaming video and advanced capabilities and constitute of a timed slideshow of images. This technology develops the user’s experience and will lead to more click-through rates. Go to this website to learn more.

Additionally, time, date and the location are electronically included hence allowing for an immediate investigation into that particular situation. Its benefits are majorly in improving driver safety and as establishing their accountability. In the end road accidents that would cause loss of lives can be controlled. Above all, the productivity of the workstation will be improved since the operational manager would ensure every employee is at his/her workstation. Aside from that, this tool can assist inventors to track inventory and high valued assists by blocking highly risky zones in a work g station where employees can sneak in or explosive areas.

Digital marketing will aid in promoting products and services using social media platforms or other channels such as the Television. There are two methods of digital marketing: the push marketing and the pull marketing. In the pull marketing, the customers seek out and pick the content from the website. In a push, the marketer has to push or send messages to consumers for the message to be received such as Emails and text messages.

Finally, this technology surely acts as a theft prevention tool. For example, when a vehicle is packed with the ignition off, it can be programmed to put up a geofence and in case the car moves, the operation manager will be notified. Learn more about trageted marketing here:


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