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Posted by on May 16, 2019

There are many laws that regulate maritime activities but the Jones Act is by far the most popular and most used maritime law. Many people consider the Jones Act to be a protectionist legislation that focuses on maritime commerce. The act defines the rights of sailors including the right to seek damages in case of injury. One of the most notable impacts of the maritime jones act is the requirement that goods being transports between US ports be transported on ships built, owned and operated by US citizens.

One of the things that the Jones Act takes care of is the needs of workers working in the maritime sector. Many people have even likened that act to the maritime version of workers compensation. There are slight differences between the Jones Act and workers compensation like the fact that maritime workers have to prove negligence to get compensation. The Jones act also makes the cost of shipping expensive because of all the requirements that the ships have to meet.

There are some strict and specific regulations that a ship has to meet for it to participate in the Jones Act trade. Like mentioned in the previous paragraph, the shipping company needs to be owned by American sailors. This requirement is meant to ensure that there is a stable investment climate by ensuring that there is reliable domestic shipping.

The Jones Act is important because it has helped create many American jobs. Approximately 478,440 Americans are employed in the shipping industry. The jobs range from captains to truck drivers who deliver goods to the shore. With such a large number of people in the industry, the jones act maritime law helps protect the rights of the sailors and other workers because there are few maritime laws that provide effective protection to workers in the shipping industry.

In case of any injury, while working with a company that is under the Jones Act, it is important to understand whether you are eligible to recover damages. Getting a competent law firm that understands maritime law and specifically the Jones Act is very important. A good maritime lawyer will help you get compensation for damages even when it is difficult to prove negligence. It is important to watch out for vessels that are unseaworthy and that pose harm to the maritime workers. On many occasions, the US government has granted a temporary waiver on the Jones Act requirements particularly in times of emergency. Knowing all this is important in helping you put up a good defense when the need arises. To know more benefits of law click here:


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