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Posted by on November 7, 2018

Have you ever been involved in an accident that left you with visible scars? Are these scars embarrassing you or making you feel uncomfortable? Alternatively, have you encountered specific ailments in your skin that may need some cosmetic surgery done? Well, this article is your guide to understanding the field of cosmetic surgery and knowing how to pick a good plastic surgeon. Needless to say, the decision you make concerning who will conduct your procedure, will be one that you will live with forever. Therefore, you can either live the rest of your life in joy at the choice you made or spending the coming years regretting. Once the procedure is completed successfully, you can even get a confidence boost from it. However, if you end up in the wrong hands, you will have many additional costs to cushion as you try to rectify the wrong that was done. So what do you look at before you start selection?

The first thing on your mind should be certification. You want to make sure that the surgeon handling your case has been approved by law and relevant bodies to conduct the said work. To achieve this, ensure the national plastic surgeon’s board approves the surgeon. This way, you will be confident that you are not just dealing with a general surgeon but one who has specialized in the field. This sort of certification also requires the surgeon to continue medical education and take written tests every decade. Therefore, you can be sure that the plastic surgeon is also adding to their wealth of knowledge.

Also, take a keen interest in the surgeon’s experience in the particular procedure you want. You must realize that just because the person is a plastic surgeon doesn’t mean they are experts in every single procedure. They will be good in some areas, great in others and novices in other parts as well. So if you want so adjustments made to your nose, then consider if the surgeon has done a similar procedure before or If they have trained in that areas before. Taking into account the nose has bone and cartilage; some skill will be needed here as opposed to another part of the body. See also about Dr Jeneby malpractice to know more about how surgery done.

Evaluate the plastic surgeon’s aesthetic sense. As the saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Better yet, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Basically, to assess this, you can’t peg your hopes on a friend’s suggestion or the surgeon’s experience alone. Take a look at the before and after photos and weigh in on the aesthetic appeal issue. Look at patients who had problems similar to yours and see how things ended up. Keenly look at the level of consistency in the procedures the surgeon executes. This will help you gauge their aesthetic sense.

Finally, consider the level of comfort you have when working with the surgeon and their staff. Cosmetic surgeries involve procedures that require the patients to feel as comfortable as possible. Therefore, the general feeling at the clinic should be warm and welcoming. Customer service should be superb, and the plastic surgeon’s communication skills should be 100%. Check out Dr Jeneby lawsuit here.


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