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Posted by on June 1, 2019

A pizza stone is the best alternative for people who want to enjoy a quality pizza without owning a brick oven due to its affordability. Unlike the ordinary baking pan you use, a pizza stone is porous this it absorbs the moisture in the pizza you are baking thereby making it crusty. It also ensures that the pizza is evenly cooked and eliminates any traces of hot spots which an sometimes happen when you use a kitchen oven. They are available in many materials most commonly marble, firebrick and tile. To make the best use of your pizza stone you need to know exactly how to buy one and then how to use it. Finding the Best Pizza Stone should not pose much of a problem as you should be good to go with a few considerations as you can read more here.

Always consider the size. When choosing a pizza stone, it is important to pick one that is going to fit you oven perfectly. Before to start shopping for one, therefore, you need to take measurements of your oven in terms of depth and width. Those using gas ovens need to leave some space on both sides to ensure that there is proper air circulation. A thicker stone is more preferable especially for those who love crispy evenly cooked pizza. A thicker stone absorbs heat better and will therefore distribute the heat perfectly to the pizza you are baking.

Look at the shapes you want to buy. Pizza stone come in very many shapes such as square, rectangle and, circle. The main thing that you need to consider when choosing the shape is the surface area you need. If you are planning to use it in baking other foods such as bread, you need to find a pizza stone that offers a larger surface area. This is because they require more space and most of them are in a nonstandard round shape. In this are, a rectangular pizza stone is your best alternative it provides a larger surface area. If you are looking for a pizza stone that you are only going to use for baking pizza, you should always pick a round one or a square pizza stone depending on the size and shape of the pizza you want.

Consider how easy it is to maintain. There are two main types of baking stones, the glazed baking stones and the unglazed. They both need different maintenance methods and you choice of one should depend on this. Discover more here:


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