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Posted by on July 17, 2018

There are very many people in the world who believe in the supernatural being. These are the people who believe that the world is the creation of a supreme being. However, there is a difference in who and how it happened. This is now the reason behind the various religions that we have in the world today. One of the most widespread religions in the world is Christianity. It has very many followers across the face of the earth.

Christians believe in the teaching of Jesus Christ who their Lord the Son of God who was sent to deliver them from sin which He does once someone has accepted to allow Him into their heart. Their teachings are highlighted in the Holy Bible. The Bible contains two sections. One is the Old Testament which describes the events before the coming of the Messiah who happens to be Jesus Christ. The other section is the New Testament which basically describes the life of Jesus on this planet. It ends with a prophecy on what is going to happen in the future. Visit this website about bible.

My Bible Verse of The Day is the guideline for good Christian living, they are often encouraged to memorize scripture. This is because there are very many advantages associated with scripture memory. The following are some of these advantages. Memorizing the scripture helps a person to focus on the will of God. One tends to remove their eye from the desires of this world and focus them on those of God. The other reason why you should practice bible verse memory is that it gives you the strength to fight temptations. There are verses that can keep you away from sinning because they will always be in your head.

The other good thing about scripture memory is that you will have a clear direction. A proper and clear direction is what all Christian needs. The world is full of temptations and other things that may tamper with your spiritual journey. There are also a lot of decisions that you will be supposed to make in life. And without the help of the scripture, you can lose direction. It becomes much easier to keep in the right direction when you have memorized the scripture. Scripture memory also makes people be ever ready when it comes to sharing the Gospel.

Finally, memorizing My Bible Verse of The Day verses kames your prayers to be more powerful. And powerful prayers are always answered provided they are according to the will of God.


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