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Posted by on September 24, 2018

Research drugs are medicines that have not been approved for the use on the real problem. They are just a creation of the engineering of scientific experts and just thought to cure the disease but are not yet proven. They have to be taken to the labs and tested to search for any items that might be harmful for their use. Prior to being approved, they are considered extremely dangerous and this way cannot be let into the public just yet. There are steps that RUI-Products is under research undergoes before it is considered fit for public use.

The first step once a drug is identified is the labelling. Labelling is giving the specimen a name. Label stickers are made and they are attached to the bottle containing the specimen. It prevents the specimen from getting mixed up or lost for that matter. It helps to keep an account of the specimen even when it changes hands it can still be traced. After this, it is now transported to a secure location like a lab where not many people can access it and there it is tested. The lab restricts access to people who are not professionals. This happens for two main reasons among others. The first is to prevent the people from getting harmed by the specimen and the other factor is to prevent the specimen from getting contaminated. The lab only gives access to medical professionals who know how to handle the drug.

The testing of the drug at then happens in three phases, the first phase involves the testing of the drug with food substances and enzymes. Food substances are the place where there are enzymes and bacteria can thrive.

This way when the bacteria are exposed to the medicine, they should react. The scientists tend to observe the reaction to know how it will react with the bodies. The second phase is where the drug is tested on a specimen that has the same body conditions as which the drug is made for. Here the scientists note if the drug has any effect to the body processes. If there are, the necessary adjustments are made and the doubts cleared they move to the next phase. The third phase is the use of the drug that is still under research on healthy specimen of what it was intended for and sick ones too. This is done to establish that the cure works and to realize any side effects that may happen on the specimen as a result of the drug. All of these steps once complete, the drug is now ready to be certified or be banned from the public use. Get more facts about testosterone at


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