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Posted by on July 10, 2018

Have your kids been asking for hoverboards? Have you been thinking about purchasing one for yourself? Now is the time to stop considering and actually buy one of these devices. What many people fail to realize is the boards are great for the rider’s health. Following is some information about the health benefits associated with the use of this device, and you can See for more information on hoverboards, how they help the environment, and more.

Weight Loss

It’s hard to imagine losing weight when you are riding on a hoverboard, yet that is exactly what happens. Many people don’t even realize they are getting exercise as they ride. In fact, a person can burn as many as 285 calories in a 30-minute ride. Purchase an S-shape hoverboard and this figure increases to up to 900 calories in 30 minutes, which is the same as running for an hour. Be sure to browse hoverboards to see which style you would like to own.

Improves Your Balance and Reflexes

Did you know riding a hoverboard can improve your reflexes and your balance? The device makes use of a gyroscope system, software, and the aerospace attitude control theory. To properly move the device in the desired direction, the rider must move his or her body forward and backward. This is what causes the board to accelerate, brake, and decelerate. As the body does so, it must balance to ensure the rider doesn’t fall off and his or her reflexes must be fast to adjust to changes in the terrain.

A Full Body Workout

One reason a hoverboard is such a great exercise tool is the rider must stay upright to balance. The core muscles are engaged to achieve this, which helps to prevent a humpback. Furthermore, the limbs, feet, and shoulders are worked out during the ride. Muscle movements are continuous, and the body is both relaxed and active at the same time, which develops the cerebellum while improving the rider’s intelligence. It’s not only the body that gets a workout. The mind does too when a hoverboard is used.

Learn more from about the different types of hoverboards and the many health benefits. Once you get the hang of riding the board, you can use it at home simply to relax and get some exercise. Read a book or study for a test while riding. You get the same benefits regardless of where you are, so you’ll want to use it as much as possible.

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