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Posted by on July 17, 2018

Driving at night presents several challenges, but one of the most prominent issues most people face is limited visibility, especially in areas where a roadway doesn’t have an artificial light source. No matter how experienced a person may be at navigating a vehicle at nighttime, there are several ways to help increase their overall safety and prevent a myriad of problems. Before hitting the road, be sure to use these tips to ensure a pleasant drive and a safe arrival.

Windshield Maintenance

A windshield will inevitably become covered in dirt, and other forms of debris, which may cause a driver’s field of vision to become compromised, and in some cases may increase the glare present when encountering other cars on the road. It is important to clean a windshield regularly, and before any long trips. Any damage that is present, such as chips and cracks, should be repaired to ensure the highest level of visibility possible.

Avoid Unnecessary Accessories

One of the fastest growing trends is to wear nighttime Driving Glasses which claim to reduce the amount of glare experienced by the driver. While they are beneficial in theory, using them presents several hazards. While they do assist with decreasing glare, they also make the other areas of the road darker and may prevent a driver from notice an obstruction that is in their peripheral vision.

Dirty Headlights

Believe it or not, dirty headlights will reduce the amount of light emitted, resulting in reduced overall visibility of the road. Some cars are also known for developing a film over the main headlight housing, which acts as a filter and prevents the light from being spread evenly over the roadway. A quick cleaning will remove these items and ensure a road is well illuminated.

Remain Alert

Brain fog, or a lack of mental clarity and focus, dramatically affects a driver’s ability to remain alert and aware of any hazards in the roadway. A driver should keep their eyes moving and regularly check their mirrors so they stay alert and aware of any potential issues that may occur as they proceed on their journey. Regular stops are also helpful, as they encourage blood flow and help to ward off the foggy headed feeling that accompanies long road trips.

If the process of driving at night has become difficult and leaves a person with excess eye strain, be sure to use these tips to help ease the process. Altering a few small habits may serve to increase a person’s safety when driving and allow them to enjoy every minute of an adventure.

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