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Old timber framed window cases, particularly timber sash windows, provide an unique and irrefutable appeal. On the appropriate structure, they appear utterly at home. On the flip side, timber-framed along with single-paned glazing comes with a lot of headaches that can land up setting you back you time and money over the years. These are all problems which UPVC windows can most likely prevent.


Single-paned wood replacement windows are extremely prone to condensation. The difference in heat on either side of the glass triggers moisture to accumulate on the inward surface. This is notably bad during the course of winter weather and during the night, once the hot and cold temperature difference is generally a lot more extreme.

This dampness would gather on the pane til it becomes overly heavy. It will at that moment flow down the pane and pool on the wood window ledges and frames. It gets inside the edges, eventually seeping via vulnerabilities in the paint. And once inside the wood, this will probably trigger the wood to weaken and disintegrate. This endangers the safety and security of the window, sometimes creating cracks appearing close to the edges of the glass. To eliminate the condensation, you either will have to diligently clean it up every day or be certain that the wooden frames are looked after almost every week. Leave it too long and it will probably all want throwing away.

But bear in mind, a UPVC window can absolutely help prevent this situation. The combination of double-glazed panes, complete with vacuum or gas-filled insulation between, reduces the temperature variance in between inside and outside the area. That means damp is really much less likely to accumulate. Additionally, UPVC is a very durable materiel which is not really vulnerable to fluid invasion and damage. Rain is going to just sit on it up until it dries out. Which means you will not have to spend several hours sponging down the panes or caring for the wooden frames.

Safety And Security

Windows are, by their nature, weak parts in your home security. Wood frames and single-pane windows are readily splintered or crowbarred open, meaning you are at risk of break-ins and burglary. In a similar way, as singular panes are certainly a lot easier to crack, they could be a health and safety danger.

More modern UPVC windows are the simple remedy to all these kinds of challenges. Double glazing is many times sturdier compared to single-pane glass and UPVC frames close tighter and with a stronger seal in comparison to much older wooden designs. This means when procuring UPVC windows you are possibly taking an enormous leap towards making your house or apartment even more secure. Everyone who is interested in more data in regard to There are many different double glazing web pages throughout the uk, if you’re looking to acquire more information as well as the cost this url is a good place to begin double glazing manufacturer uk.

Repairs And Maintenance

Timber frames, the second they are exposed to the harshes of the British climate– including rain, cold and sunlight– will begin to look tired and decrepit just after a couple of years. They need to have frequent servicing both outside and also inside maintain all of them shipshape. This promises a sizeable volume of time consumed sanding, packing gaps, preparation and painting them. Or possibly at the minimum a substantial bill so as to pay another person to undertake this.

The latest UPVC windows are almost routine maintenance free. The materials are certainly exceedingly robust and very long lasting and do not even discolour in the wet stuff or sun’s light. Once replaced, you are assured years of problem-free windows. In point of fact, the only thing you’ll need to be responsible for is give them a quick clean now and then– just like you would most other windows.


You may imagine that UPVC window patterns are rather limited but that’s certainly not the situation. In addition to the time-honored bright white UPVC replacement window, you have the ability to choose from a range of various other colors to suit your design scheme. Plus, as well as UPVC sash windows, you will be able to procure them in a variety of other layout formats, embracing time honored sash windows. Actually, whatever design style you’re searching for, there’s almost certainly a UPVC window to suit.


These days, to change out timber windows will likely cost the same else a lot more than UPVC windows. UPVC window rates have fallen throughout the years and are presently remarkably fair, this is dues predominately to the prevalence of their usage. More or less every single new build or home improvement proposal in the UK depends on UPVC windows because of the various features noted above.

So, if your outdated timber windows are looking fatigued, in case that the rot has set in, or if you are just simply fed up of clearing down the condensate just about every day in a desperate attempt to prevent damages, then it could quite possibly be time to make the change. Phone your UPVC window supplier to obtain an estimate and learn just how uncomplicated it could possibly be to make your property more secure, more comfy and a lot easier to maintain.