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Posted by on October 23, 2018


Giving work instructions is a vital component of communication. Communication serves four main functions in an organization or a group (e.g. emotional control, motivation, control, and information). Whenever you want to give work instructions, you have to provide all the needed information to the recipients in order for them to be able to conduct the tasks efficiently. Do check to learn more.

Providing work instructions need messages. The entire process of communication is only accomplished whenever the messages you desire to convey are sent out to its recipients and understand them clearly.

Let us see what the messages are all about.

Whenever we talk, our language and speech serve as the message. Whenever we write, the words that are written would be the message. Whenever we paint, the picture or portrait would serve as the message. Whenever you perform certain gestures, our expressions and actions would serve as the message too. So, in order for you to ensure that work instructions would be passed to your subordinates efficiently, you have to follow the steps that are listed below.

1. You have to deliver your work instructions in a friendly manner – please bear in your mind that all work instructions should be delivered in the friendliest way possible so that they would be more willing to work and cooperate with you. A lot of managers would provide work instructions in a very harsh way. Their members would still follow these instructions but they are usually not happy to hear it and do not usually love to do their job well. In return, there is very little production. You’ll want to know how to properly¬†create instructions.

2. You have to keep the work instructions precise and simple.

Each instruction that you will give should be concise and clear. You have to ensure that you were able to organize all your thoughts so that you could express all your ideas in an orderly manner. Do not ever assume that your members or subordinates would give you your expectations. You must always tell them on what you really want from them.

3. Tell them the reason for your work instructions

Whenever you will assign some tasks to your subordinates, you should be able to properly explain to them the main reasons of doing such tasks or activities. Do not just simply tell them to do the action. Your subordinates also have to know and understand the reasons before they will do their job. Put in your mind that if they understand what they are working, they would be able to become more productive in conducting the job.


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