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Posted by on January 30, 2019

Writing content that is free from grammatical errors or even punctuation is something that everyone will desire. Whether it is an application letter, an academic paper, or even a resume, it is widespread knowledge that you have to prove to the reader that you have an excellent command of the language. The best way to do it is looking for an excellent grammar checker that will be your second pair of eye to check some of the mistakes that you may have committed when writing the text. Do not mind so much about the financial aspect of accessing grammar checkers since you can get some of them that will not charge you anything for most features. The article will look at some of the features you can expect to find on the best grammar checker.

There is no doubt you want to know the number of words that the test you have written contains before you can submit it. The Microsoft word has a word, but you will find that you may have to eliminate some of the words so that you can improve the readability of the essay on the grammar checker. It means that you can expect that the best grammar checker will have a word counter that enables you to know the numbers of words on the essay when you are making the corrections.

Many are the times when you realize that you misspelled some of the words while you are writing the essay, but Microsoft word did not highlight them for you. Making some spelling mistakes when writing is something that can make the reader of the work to think that you do not understand the language correctly. Besides, an excellent piece of work can lose meaning when some of the words do not have the right spelling. The best grammar checker, therefore, is the one that has a spell checker that enables you to correct some of the misspelled words. The best punctuation checker should highlight the words for you and give you a suggestion of the right word to use.

The best grammar checker will also allow the users the chance to check their grammar on the text. The site should assist the writer to look for issues with punctuation, contextual spelling mistakes, word choice errors, grammar mistakes, and many other things. The grammar checker will then offer the writer a chance to know some of the suggested corrections that they can make to improve grammar. Learn more about the use of AI in grammar check here:


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