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Posted by on May 8, 2019

When it comes to raising funds in the modern world, you will realize that using smart ways is crucial for the business as well as the investors. Use of the crypto community methods among many other kinds of platforms is essential. For most of the company owners, getting some loans as part of the startup is something that most would like to avoid. At such the use of the blockchain, techniques are essential for the funding processes. Utilizing the ICOs is the first kind of innovation that the world of crowdfunding has started with over some few years ago.

It matters to know that the use of the ICO consulting as a method of fundraising has brought up some issues that are not good for the blockchain starts up today. For such reason, the relevant laws and the regulations have stepped from the alarming rates of failure and the scams in the ICOs platform. As a result, use of the best method and secure platform such as STO is now taking the center stage which most of the stakeholders believe that it will be the best method of raising cash for the future. It is essential to know that for most of the people would raise some questions as to whether the STOs will replace the ICOs. Given that ICO vs STO do have some differences, one can guess the course that the same might have.

It is, however, crucial to know that use of the STOs is now better when it comes to the security for the stockholders. Unlike the ICOs, the use of the security tokens offerings (STOs) brings some hope when it comes to the people of today. It matters to know that ICOs do not have some security in them as they are utility tokens and for such a reason they seem to have a low rate of dependency if you will compare the same with the STOs. STOs, on the other hand, you will find that they have the best kind of security when it comes to the stocks that the stockholders will have.

The fact that they consist of assets makes them better to hold for the stockholders as they can be easy to regulate through the common laws and the regulations as it would be for the traditional securities. It is crucial to know that when it comes to the blockchain financing you will realize that the use of the STOs will be better as compared to ICOs in the transition to open sources of funding. To know more about ICOs and STOs it will be critical if you will have some professional services at your help. For more information, click on this link:


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