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Posted by on July 3, 2018


Koozies are items that we used on our day to day lives to keep our drinks cold whether a beverage, water or fresh juice while traveling, watching a movie or game or even when working. It is evident that everyone enjoys a cold drink, especially in the hot weather because apart from just being enjoyable, it also quenches thirst. However, buying the best koozies for your drinks may be a challenge. There are several koozies available in the market with different designs, sizes, shapes and made of various materials. Therefore, before purchasing a koozie for yourself or your event, you should consider some factors. Some of these aspects include among others.


First, think of the type of koozies at you are buying. The kind of koozie is dependent on the kind of drink you want to keep cold. There are can koozies, bottle koozies, wine bottle koozies and wrap koozies. That means the first step in buying a koozie is to determine your drink or drinks. However, they are multipurpose koozies such as wrap koozies that can be used on both cans and bottles.


When buying a koozie, you also need to think about the usage. Where do you intend to use the koozie? When purchasing koozies for events such as birthdays, parties and other celebrations, the focus is in quantity as opposed to quality because they are used for a short while. But if you want a koozie to use on your trips, then quality becomes a primary concern. Learn more about koozie at this website


The materials from which the koozie at is made of is also a critical element that you need to consider before you purchase. A koozie can be made of foam, neoprene, recycled cardboard, polyester or knitted acrylic. Every material has its pros and cons, but the suitability of each depends on your needs and the type of drink to keep cold.


How much does the koozie cost and how many do you require? The prices also differ depending on the material, size, type, and shape. That means before you buy, you need to match your budget with your needs to see if there is a balance. The price further depends on the number of koozies you seeking to purchase whether for an event or individual use.


Lastly, think of the durability. How long do you want the koozie to serve you? The longevity of the koozie you buy is dependent on the material and the frequency of use. But ensure you get value for your money.


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