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Posted by on September 8, 2018

The means of protection from financial loss is known as Insurance. Insurance is normally a form of risk management, which is normally used to prevent against the risk of suffering a financial loss in case of a business or a property. The firm that offers insurance is known as the insurer. The person who is taking an insurance policy is known as the insured or as the policy holder. Do click for more info.

The insurance policy normally involves the insured where he/she suffers a small financial loss which is paid to the insurance company. The insurer promises the insured that if in case of a loss to the insured company the insurer will compensate the insured thus returning him/her to the same financial position as before the accident had occurred. The insurer takes various considerations such as the price of the item which is being insured against, also they have to agree on the cause of an incident which will result to the compensation. There must be a probability of the incident not happening.

The loss may not be financial but it must be stated in financial terms. The insured must have an insurable interest on the item being insured the insurable interest comes inform of ownership. Thus one insures his/her item you cannot insure something that doesn’t belong to him/her. The insured receives the contract which is the insurance policy which has been clearly stated in the document. It contains the circumstances under which the loss will occur and also the conditions under which the insurer shall compensate. The amount to be charged periodically is known as premium and it is clearly stated in the insurance policy.

When the insured experiences a loss, he/she submits a claim to the insurer where the insurer conducts own research to know whether it actually happened. If the insured suffered a loss under the circumstances which have been stated on the insurance policy the insured is compensated thus restore him/her to the earlier financial position. You’ll want to get more info on this.

There are many benefits of taking an insurance policy which include; the uncertainty of a loss in a business is reduced as some business involves huge risk thus a business will not be discouraged from trying in a certain field. Also insurance Enhancement of Credit also enables of business continuation. Also an insurance improves the welfare of the employees such as sickness benefit and also pension. Another benefit is that it increases business efficiency is increased with the insurance as the business men are assured of payment in case of death, destruction, and disappearance of goods. Here are some facts to think of before buying insurance:


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