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Posted by on July 2, 2018


Another time that may be used to refer to bill collectors is debt collector. These category of people are employed by firms to collect debts of delinquent clients. One hardly escapes debts. A creditor may fail to honor their commitments towards paying a particular debt for various reasons. It is at this moment when bill collectors show up to do their job. Whenever creditors are caught in such situations, they may be forced to pay a late fee. There is a possibility of finding harsh debt collectors. You cannot afford to sit back and receive any form of harassment. You need a lawyer to protect your rights and defend you in a court of law.


Before you find an attorney, you need justification. You may take a record of some of the actions done to you by bill colletors to be used against them in a court of law. These acts are as follows. One, debt collectors should inform you of your debt prior through formal communication. This is usually done in one to two weeks. There are personal reasons that must have probed you to forget about an existing debt. Receiving a notice summarizing the nature of your debt, amount due and deadline for the payment will make you realize your delay. This avails you the opportunity to redeem yourself and pay in good time. Know more about Montgomery County personal injury here!


Two, debt collectors should not involve third parties in your debt collection cases. Such details are only revealed to an attorney. Why is this necessary? More especially when it comes to do with matters of money and loans, confidentiality plays a major role. Unless it is your spouse, debt collectors are not supposed to tell everyone and anyone they meet about a debt you owe to a credit company. The end of it all may be embarrassing.


At no point should debt collectors harass you. There are times when debt collectors become a nag. They tend to call repeatedly even in late hours. There are those that go to the extent of threatening you. A few others check your day now and then. Others keep track of you by following you. Tell them to stop when you find yourself in such situations. If they seize, it’s time to look for a lawyer.


Four, debt collectors should not tell you to pay more than you owed a credit company. Times present themselves when debt collectors demand higher pay than you already owe a credit company. At no point should make this happen. When in such a situation, get a lawyer. Explain to him/her the history of your loan providing necessary documents to approve your sentiments. What matters is your piece of mind as well as your life. Read more on how to Bucks County stop bill collectors here!


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