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Posted by on November 20, 2018

The three act structure which is used in screenwriting has been used for very many years. The main use of the three act structure is to shape the nuances in fine storytelling. Just like a story has a beginning, a middle portion, and an end, a cinema has three acts on which screenwriting is based on. The first act of the three act structure involves the set up whereby all the significant characters of a story are introduced to the audience. The first pages of the story define the setting of the story, the logic as well as the reasoning behind the story. This first act should introduce something which will make the audience interested to continue watching the movie. This can be achieved by introducing an act of suspense of something exciting. To learn more about Three Act Structure, click this link. This part requires the writer to be very creative since it is the part that determines the audience will continue watching the movie or not. No one would be interested to watch a boring movie.
The second act of the three act structure is usually the longest. It comes between the first and the third act. In this act, the screenwriter is supposed to develop a strong narrative. This act is quite challenging since the screenwriter has already introduced characters and the story to the audience. This is because the writer must first capture the attention of the audience. The writer, therefore, has to come up with new ways of making the narrative interesting. This can be achieved by introducing subplots in the entire narrative. Click homepage to get info about Three Act Structure. The subplots might not be significant to the main plot but should be put in such a way that it connects with a theme and be relevant to the entire narrative. The writer should make an exciting scene in the second act to introduce the third act to the audience.
The third act which is the final one in the three act structure is the shortest. This act includes conflict resolution. In this act, the writer is at liberty to bring forth the loose ends of the story and find a solution to the various subplots introduced in the second act. In most cases, the final act is a dispute between good and evil of between the main protagonist and the main antagonist. The three act structure is the most widely used story structure mainly utilized in fiction. To get to know more about the three act structure, you can seek help from professional screenwriters. Learn more from


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