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Posted by on July 25, 2018

Earth is facing a number of crises at present. From surging pollution to rapidly waning fossil fuel supplies, some say humanity and all other forms of life on the planet could be doomed. To make matters worse, scientists say this inevitable downward spiral may reach full fruition before the turn of the next century. Though there’s no all-inclusive solution to the issues threatening to destroy the world, hydroponics may have a hand in mitigating a few of them.

Benefits of Hydroponics

By some accounts, early hydroponic farming techniques date back almost 2,000 years. Like many ancient practices, this one all but faded away over the course of history. Despite being almost lost, it resurfaced roughly 60 years ago to regain a well-deserved place in the spotlight. Aside from shock, awe, and more than a few “duh” moments, the revival of hydroponics brought about a number of benefits.

Water Conservation. Fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce according to many studies. Related reports point out at least 70 percent of Earth’s freshwater is used for irrigation and never reenters the usable mainstream in countries where water treatment options are hard to come by. Hydroponics uses an estimated 66 percent less water than traditional techniques, generating more food with less consumption of an irreplaceable commodity.

Saving Space. Increasing population naturally leads to a decline in available farmland. Unfortunately, more land is needed to feed the growing population. With a Hydroponic Grow Box, there’s no need for additional farmland or even soil. Those who make use of this efficient and effective technique can even grow their own produce indoors, giving people around the world an entirely new level of power in ramping up food production.

Greater Output. When comparing space and yield, hydroponics is capable of generating more fruits and vegetables than conventional farming methods by a considerable margin. At the same time, this underutilized alternative isn’t subject to seasonal limitations because it offers the capacity to control the growing environment for produce.

Plenty can be said for the advantages of producing more fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs in smaller spaces with less water on a year-round scale. Some feel making use of today’s Grow Box options may be the answer to not only a dwindling food supply but fading farmland and declining fresh water as well. With the modern technology now accompanying some of today’s hydroponics systems, this is a viable solution for virtually anyone.


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