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Posted by on July 25, 2018

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You do have to be a technical person to builds cannabis grow box. There are two types of ways in which you can simply build a grow box.  To learn more about  Cannabis Grow Box, click You can either buy the components that you need and then attach them together systematically or you can build a complete set with everything g in it.
First of all, we need to understand all that is required for this process. A grow tent will be the main thing which will act as the box in this case. The growth of marijuana requires a lot of intense light. Growing marijuana will mean having a robust lighting system. That is why a grow tent in the form of a box is best suited for this.
It is up to you to also decide on the size of the grow box you need regarding that the bigger the tent, the more the harvest. There are also some things that will be placed inside the box so you will have to consider the size of the box for them to fit. A grow lamp and a fan will be placed in the box, so there needs to be enough space for them to be. If the box is so small, then the plant will touch the lamp, and it will get burnt. Grow light is very essential in the grow box. For you to harvest more cannabis then you to provide them with direct sunlight. To learn more about Cannabis Grow Box, visit Grobo. You will also need to provide sufficient airflow in the box or else the plant is going to suffocate and die. An air filter will be required to remove the strong smell of cannabis or else your whole house will smell like weed.
You are then going to need fabric pots in which you are going to grow your cannabis. These are not the ordinary hard plastic pot because plants grow better in the fabric pots. Water can drain better, and oxygen can reach the roots much faster. The bigger the pots are, the better the plants grow. Buy the best soil possible for the plants to survive. The right potting mix is the basis of healthy plants. Once you have set up the soil, buy the marijuana seeds preferably the White Widow. it is better to use soil than the hydroponic used in the grobo one grow box. Also, make sure to buy seed starter to make it easy for the seeds to start germinating faster. Then keep on treating them with fertilizer throughout their growth. Learn more from


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