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Posted by on June 5, 2018

Hair salon is one of upcoming SME’s in developing countries and even in the developed ones. Little training is needed for one to perfect the art of attending to hair salons, although some are sophisticated, especially those found among the elite class in the society. Today, almost every neighborhood has got at least 2- 3 hair salons. Essentially, a hair salon is a beauty station where a person’s hair is attended to by beauticians or salon attendants although today there is a lot goes on a hair salon. Among the services that are offered in a hair salon may include hair cutting, braiding hair, roasting of hair, applying jelly among others.

Most salons in urban and rural areas are majorly for hair cutting. This involves removal of unwanted hair in a person’s head or even having his/her head being shaved in a style of choice. This has become a common aspect in today’s modern society even to the female colleagues something that was unusual in some years back. Therefore, we can say that this change of things have seen a gradual increase in hair salons to thousands and millions across the globe.

Secondary, hair salons can be used in braiding hair, especially in the African context. Most hair salons today near any neighborhood at least practice hair braiding. Hair braiding mostly is known to enhance hair growth, reduce breakages, and it’s easy for ladies working in a busy work schedules like military or mechanics. Braiding can be from a person’s natural hair or an additional of natural hair often brought from beauty shops or the same salon.

Applying hair Jelly. Majority of salons today also apply Jelly to hair sometimes to enhance growth, soften the hair or make the hair shiny. These Jelly come with different varieties depending on the use of the jelly. Some are expensive, but some are very cheap and are affordable to a common citizen. In addition to the above, some jellies are applied to reduce dandruffs and this is really great.

The above are the commonly uses of a salon. However, some come with a combination of activities inside. For example salons in the elite of the society have massage parlors in the backyard while others provide facial make up and other forms of beauty. All these are some of the latest trends in hair salon business or beauty industry.

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