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Posted by on July 19, 2018


Toenail fungus is a condition that starts as a spot, either of white or yellow color under the tip of a toenail. At first, nail fungus may be hard to notice as toenails may not display much color difference.  A mild condition of fungus may not need medical attention but painful nails that have thickened may need self-care and medical assistance. Fungus often comes back even in cases of successful treatment. The fungus that affects toenails is called onychomycosis. It occurs as a result of fungi overgrowing on, in or under the nail. This warm and moist environment favors them to thrive. Poor hygiene and contacting someone with fungal infection can spread fungal infection.


As toenail fungus grow, they may display signs that show the nails are under fungal infection. Nails especially the big toenail may become brittle or change in color. Discoloration that is whitish-yellow or brown develops either at the front of the nail or on the sides. Nails also grow soft, break easily or become thicker and change their shapes. Pain may also be felt around the nails. The nail may bend or detach from the skin. On the nail surface, there form white patches and this can be small dots or large blotches. The entire nail can also be lost. Infected nails also produce an odor. Check out this website about fungus.


Although treating toenail fungus can be painful and unpleasant to treat, it can be successfully treated and have no complications after treatment at To fully cure the infection, treatment can take longer and may need extra rounds of treatment. You should keep the affected nail trimmed to provide pressure-related pain relief. Creams and topical medications can be used although they have been less effective because of the hardness of the nail which makes it hard to penetrate. They are advantageous due to minimal risk of side effects. Oral anti-fungal therapy is commendable as it treats 50-75% of fungus effectively depending on the medicine. Surgery can be a definite way to remove fungus.


It involves removal of the nails and requires that a patient simultaneously uses additional antifungal medication to completely get rid of the fungus. Nail removal however causes trauma or other infections. There are also home remedies for treating toenail fungus. You need to apply tea tree oil, oil of cedar leaf, essentials oil and essential oils to your nails. However, not all home remedies guarantee results. The best way to remove toenail fungus is by addressing your diet. Avoid food with much sugar, take food that replace good bacteria in your gut and include more fiber in your diet. Read Nail Fungus Consumer Review!


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