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Posted by on August 21, 2018

Machines equipped with lasers rated at 30 watts or more can be used to engrave or cut many different types of materials. What can a laser cutter do? Almost anything that a specialized saw or other conventional tool could accomplish and a whole lot more.

Versatility is the Rule When it Comes to Lasers

Most tools are designed to work best with particular materials and in certain situations. There are dozens of different types of saw blades, for example, each of which is tuned to cut certain kinds of stock and to be used with specific sorts of equipment.

Machines that generate powerful laser beams, on the other hand, are normally a lot more flexible. The same laser engraver that might be used to inscribe delicate details onto a small piece of jewelry will often be just as effective at cutting sheets of plastic stock. Some of the kinds of laser engraving materials that are most often chosen for particular projects include:

Acrylic. As a relatively soft but durable plastic that is available in a variety of largely clear forms, acrylic makes for an excellent material for many projects. Compared to the most common alternatives, acrylic will normally be quite a bit easier to engrave or cut using a laser, meaning that a less powerful device can be employed. From trophies and keepsakes to attractive plaques and signs, acrylic is a consistent favorite among those who work with laser based cutting and engraving machines.

Laminates. In some cases, simply etching away a certain amount of material from a regular piece of stock will produce an attractive engraving. Another option that is better suited to certain applications involves the use of multicolored laminates. Choosing a material of this general kind will allow for higher levels of contrast, particularly when the colors of the various layers in question are designed to support the effect. Because a laser can be directed to engrave to any desired depth, it will often even be possible to reveal two or more different, underlying colors on a single surface.

Many Ways to Put Lasers to Good Use

With many co2 laser cutting applications joining engraving options like these and others, owning a machine of this general type will always mean having many possibilities to explore. The versatility of even an entry level laser cutting and engraving machine will impress anyone who appreciates being able to easily move from one type of activity to the next. Add to this the many other advantages that this technology provides and the appeal should be clear.


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