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Posted by on August 22, 2018

Vertical Jump is a very important thing in the life of all athletes. They are in search of drills to increase their vertical jump. Vertical jump exercises for basketball are highly in demand these days because without a high vertical jump, your game will reach nowhere. Those trying to improve their sports like basketball, are behind the question how to improve vertical jump. If you need answer to this question, you should know certain facts about vertical jump.

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There are many people who look for secret exercises to increase your vertical jump. The thing is that you should not look for secret tips, instead take good effort. If you do not put consistent effort, nos single exercise will give you result. If you are ready to put that effort, there are many quality exercises that will take you to your target.

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There is a benefit for the exercises you follow for vertical jump. The one you do to improve one area will automatically improve some other area. This is because most of the qualities associated with vertical jump. For example, if you try to improve your vertical jump height, it will automatically improve your speed. So you will be able to jump high and run fast. Here are certain factors that will affect your vertical jump.

  1. Power

Power is the amount of force that you apply into the ground with each stride. If you have great power, you will be able to dunk higher. Great force is responsible for your stride length. It will combine with your stride frequency when you sprint. This will determine your running speed. So increase your stride length or stride frequency to increase your power.

Power is also the amount of force you put into the ground at toe-off. The speed at which you leave the ground and the height that you jump comes from this.

  1. Time of force application

.10 to .20 seconds is the time you apply for maximal power with each foot-strike. But when you gain  top speed and your stride frequency increases, your legs will move faster. This means that you only have about .10 seconds when running at top speed.

To apply maximum power in vertical jump, you have about .20 seconds. So there is a good correlation between  the ability to jump high and the ability to accelerate quickly.

  1. Strength

You must have good levels of strength and speed if you want to display optimal levels of power. Limit strength is the strength of your muscles when speed of movement is of little consequence. You should develop limit strength in the muscles of the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, lower back and calves. The most important muscle groups for sprinting and jumping are these muscles. You have to give special attention to the muscles of the hip extensors because they are usually the weak links in the large majority of athletes..


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