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Posted by on October 16, 2017

Here we are, like every year, discussing the football simulation of Electronic Arts , and see what has improved and what has become worse.
Yes, okay, it’s a flat and less enthusiastic introduction to the previous years, but not so much for gaming itself, but for a variety of personal reasons. First of all because I will never find a title like “(t) its in the game” then why, as you may recall, I’m interdependent … and so until last year FIFA 18 free points was the only source in football of some small satisfaction. That and Captain Tsubasa .
This year, however, I am hopeful. Yes, come on, I mean … something can be done, I trust! Laugh, reader.

The starting screen of the game is the same as last year, so nothing new on a general level: we have the friendly , the ultimate team , the seasons , the career and the pro club . However, within each of these ways we can find some improvement. So let’s break them one by one, to see what’s new in this! FIFA 18 free coin points

In the friendly and in the seasons nothing really new fifa 18 cheats tool, are dry and classified matches, do not need any renewal. Anyway, I can say I have found a good matchmaking, although I will never tire of repeating, year after year, the necessity of necessarily setting the “semi-automatic” setting of video game controls as “automatic” this chapter really helps – I’ll explain the reason later when I’m talking about changes to the gameplay – and it’s pretty abused. All this, for obvious reasons, leads to a vicious circle in which almost everyone finds forced to use it. In fact, although matchmaking filters have the option to play only against “semi-automatic” or “manuals”, just do two more to understand that with these active restrictions in FIFA 18 points hack, at certain times of the day you may not be able to find an opponent. It’s a problem for everyone who, like me, prefer to play PC, where the user is not as wide as the consoles.

My UT takes shape. <3

Even the way teams ultimate return to its greatness : remain the most welcome news of the last two years, namely the D raft , the Challenges pink Creating and FUT championswho already know well (if you do not know them, take the opportunity to read the reviewsof FIFA 16 and FIFA 17 , where I have already dealt with these issues). This year we go to add the “Squad Battles”,


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