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Posted by on June 21, 2018


Based on the data gathered by industrial minerals association, they have found that people have been using industrial minerals in a total amount of 24 tons for each person in one year.


When it comes to industrial minerals, some of its most common applications do not just include building materials but also detergents, plastics, glass, paint, ceramics, paper. medical devices, electronics, and medications. Industrial minerals does not include energy minerals, precious stones or metals which are classified through their chemical attributes.


These industrial mineral from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence consists of metal elements like magnesite which contains magnesium oxide, but because of its use as an insulator, that is why it is considered an industrial mineral. Click this website for more info.


Examples of Industrial Mineral Found In Sweden

Limestones appears as crystalline and sedimentary rock.

While limestones crystalline is also known as marble.


Limestones has various aspects where it can be applied to, some are; coatings, lake liming, cement, concrete, glass, decontamination, pigments, fillers, soil stabilisation, asphalt and dietary supplements.


Sandstone, quartzite, silica sand

Quartz are in sedimentary form (sandstone) and as loose soil (sand, silica sand), they also occur in crystalline form (quartzite)


Its applications include; concrete raw material, optics, sandblasting, refractory ceramics, pottery, tombstones, corrosion inhibitors, construction, solar panels, filler material and so on. See more here.



Graphite is a stable type of a carbon whichs is under some standard conditions.  and it is also a crystal of the element carbon. It naturally appears as an hydrothermal fissure filling or an authigenic mineral. Graphite is  known for its use in conducting electricity but has a much higher resistivity than metal elements. Read more information at this website about minerals.


Applications of the graphite include; pencils, batteries, steel manufacture, heat insulation, light-weight materials, lubricants and many more.


Graphite usually occurs in metamorphic rocks which results of the reduction of sedimentary carbon compounds during a metamorphism.  Applications of this mineral includes; tombstones, decoration, brake linings, roofing and insulation, pencils, steelmaking and energy.


Talc and soapstone

Talc is known as metamorphic mineral composed of hydrated magnesium silicate; it is a clay mineral.


Its applications includes: baby powder, food additive , lubricants, glazing, crayons and many more. Soapstones are commonly used for architectural applications like floor tiles, stoves, shower bases and countertops.


These industrial materials at are very essential to our everyday life, we may not even notice it but everywhere we look we can witness and experience its many benefits. This is why it’s also a great deal for us to know what industrial mineral it used for.


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