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Posted by on October 12, 2018

Even though a large number of married couples might not pay attention to, physical intimacy is considered to be of utmost importance. Apart from increasing love, building trust, and strengthening bond to a great extent, it can also boost immune system and reduce stress. While some manage to get close with their partner in a hassle-free manner, a few find being intimate to be incredibly challenging. If you and your spouse belong to the group latter, feel free to implement the tips mentioned below with caution rather than feeling all dejected.

  • Do not Haste

According to a renowned sex therapist in Los Angeles, compulsion is going to make things extremely worse, thus, adopting a slow approach is necessary. Doing so would allow both the individuals involved to be comfortable and successfully remove awkwardness.

  • Cherish the Small Signs

Physical intimacy is not always grand. Partners do not have to give each other a swooping hug or indulge in constant kisses but sometimes even the most minor activities such as holding hands, playing footsie, tickling, and wrestling can act as a turn-on.

  • Relax

The pressure of performing well in bed can be tremendous so rather than engaging in intercourse directly, try to practice certain relaxation techniques such as yoga or breathing exercises. Going out for a romantic dinner can also spice up the mood.

  • Opt for One-to-One Talk

Lack of proper communication can adversely impact sex life. According to the latest studies, couples who argue time and again are considered happier than the ones who avoid conflict. Interacting with your partner, informing him or her about your fantasies, and expressing emotions without thinking much can fix every issue.

  • Touch

A reputed sex therapist in Los Angeles has repeatedly emphasized upon the significance of touching. She asks her clients to utilize sensate focus tactics, which reestablishes intimacy in absolutely no time. Couples can also watch videos online or read books for learning about the variations.

  • Kegel Exercises

Both women and men can enhance sexual fitness by trying Kegel exercises that reinforce the pelvic muscles and in turn improve ejaculations, orgasms, and erections. They also boost the levels of confidence.

  • Do not Give Up

Finally, yet importantly, if none of the strategies tend to work or generate desirable results, instead of giving up, you and your better half must seek help from medical professional. He or she could carry out several examinations to detect the problem and prescribe treatments accordingly. Counselors can often explore and resolve issues that are standing in way of physical intimacy.

Keeping the tips specified above in mind and executing them with utter precision would let couples be physically affectionate with one another or in other words pave way for amazing sex.


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