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Posted by on April 14, 2018



Barrys Scientific Based Products







I am Republishing my work regarding Cryptographic Models specifically Linear, Curvature, Curvature and Linear. These models are based on kinetic Energy-motion. I have written 6 works regarding this topic the first set was written in 2008-2009 and updated in 2017 with some new ideas and approaches. The works are based on my mathematical, Martial Arts, and Computer Science experience and studies and present ideas that are applicable to other science fields if properly applied and thought out. These works are copyrighted and as a Martial Artist for over 35 years please use science and technology responsibly not for misuse. Enjoy the topic and work lots to cover.



1). Real Time Linear Cryptographic’s   2008



2). Real Time Circular Cryptographic’s  2009



3). Real Time Linear Circular Cryptography 2009



4).Barry’s Linear Private Key and Public Certificate Exchange 2017



5).Barry’s Circular Private Key and Public Certificate Exchange 2017



6). Barry’s Linear Circular Private Key and Public Certificate Exchange 2017





Barry L. Crouse




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