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Posted by on September 19, 2018


SEO can be on-site and off-site. On-site SEO has something to do with how the website is made and how its structure can be portrayed. Off-site SEO has to do with things that the developer cannot control but has to do with how the website is placed on the web. For successful SEO web development, designers should focus on on-site SEO.


SEO web developers need to take advantage of the tools available for development. These tools include web page filters, HTML tags, CSS compliance and coding. They help make the website unique and special. The coding that they use should easily be readable by search engines. They should use the clean code method of implementation that uses standard tags.


Web designers should not make a website complicated. They only need to create accessible content. They only need to focus on making the site accessible.


In SEO web development images are important. The images use the ALT tag for describing it. This makes use of relevant keywords that are effective for the website and helps search engines pick it up quickly. The ranking goes down with the use of irrelevant keywords.


SEO web development is all about optimizing the website in terms of content and description. The content is good enough to make appropriate use of relevant keywords and the URL are described well to be picked up by search engines. You will note that if the use of keywords is more than a certain number, the ranking drops.


Navigation of a website is also important in SEO web development. In this regard, a site map will help. It will be easier for search engines to crawl in there is good navigational structure of your website. Site maps help in the crawling but it is important that they are used only when the website is large.


Content should not be duplicated on multiple domains or within the same website. If you have different versions of a URL to incorporate different global markets, then they should re-direct to a main domain.


Search engine crawlers are blocked by splash pages and are not good SEO practice. Don’t put splash pages but exercise your creative muscles elsewhere in the site.


It is clear why you should build a search engine friendly site. A SEO professional can help you if your website is not achieving great rankings in search engines. Discover more facts about SEO at


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