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Posted by on March 17, 2018

Making sure you can focus on value is one of the biggest things that drives a business to greater levels, being able to produce value for others on a consitant basis is really what makes a company great, it’s not about a great .com domain as proven by the many stories of failure during the boom years, however the one thing you need to focus on which Amazon did to its credit is to think about how to improve my product or service so that my customers get the best end of the deal.

One of the books I really like is called the Art of the deal by current US President Donald Trump – you can view more information about the book here. but one of the parts I thought more about was his opinion on how to get the best deal for BOTH parties which he says is the key to a good deal – basically both parties should feel like they are getting the best end of things after the papers are signed, you can do this by delivering value to your customers and making sure they get what you promised even if it means you have to take a few hits along the way.

One thing Amazon is always focusing on is how to improve its website for consumers, it did this by introducing things like the lowest prices, virtually unlimited selection, fast shipping and making sure that products are always in stock by inviting 3rd parties to sell on the platform that Bezos built, by doing this they let the customer win which is great for business and helps the long term bottom line.

You can help the customer to win by focusing on what really matters in your industry which are the things that you can controlĀ – if you become better at your craft then you are a better prospect to help a business in need, online advertising is no different, in order to help your clients you must first listen to what they need and then get better and better at your craft each year until you can deliver the best possible service for them and (hopefully) an ROI for them.

Becoming a company of value is not easy, often times you’ll make mistakes which will lead to failure and learning lessons, however if you implement those lessons moving forward you will see that your understanding of how the customer sees your business is totally different than your perspective, if they can afford your services then you need to be able to pitch them in the right way and hit on all the points they need in order to give a firm “yes” when it comes down the decision.

One area of online marketing is SEO which is becoming a very popular service, while most firms offer SEO few of them actually know how to do it well so there is huge scope for delivering the goods if you have knowledge and are willing to apply it, however you simply cannot control if the customer understands what they are buying so you must be prepared to explain how your service works and why they need it.




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