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Posted by on March 17, 2018

Being in advertising one of the greatest things you’ll come up against is being able to generate new and fresh advertising ideas, you can’t just take a template and cookie cutter ideas out and expect clients to pay you for the same thing you’ve already done over and over again, clients pay for unique work and what that means is delivering value to your client by understanding what they want and how they want it presented, the biggest thing you need to do is start listening.

By mastering this skill you will quickly learn that most other firms just have a set process of how they pitch to clients and attempt to do the same thing over and over, in a service based industry this can be a huge problem because every client is paying you for a different skill set, some want profit, others want turn over, others want to build a brand online, while advertising can help with these things you need to understand that not all clients want the same things.

There are plenty of articles showing you how to get clients┬ábut so few showing you how to keep them and that is the critical point of any service based business, your best customers are the ones that will retain you for long amounts of time because they know the value that you bring to the table, however you need to focus on the value before you start getting the clients, “learning as you” is not really an option when dealing with someone elses business.

The best idea can be to take a look at other firms that offer these services so at least you can get some consultation if things are not going all that well, there are many great SEO firms and online advertising agencies within the UK that you can approach, one of them is SEOMark who offers some freelance consulting on many online services, you can also talk to Outside the Box who have been around for 25 years which is basically since the start of the internet era, they have some big named clients on the books so you can be certain they have a good understanding of how to deliver the results.

There are of course other firms you can look up and work with, if you want to go down that route I recommend you try and meet a few of them before hand and maybe sit down for a coffee with them, this will give you an idea of the types of people you are working with and how you can improve and find a good fit that is right for your business, after all SEO and online advertising takes time and that means you need to actually enjoy working with the people that you are about to employ.



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